Corona® tools are designed, engineered and manufactured to perform their intended purpose, season after season. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list, so in the event our tool fails to perform as intended due to materials and/or workmanship, Corona promises to provide a solution based on our warranty.

What's covered

Corona tools are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. The tools are backed either by a 1-year or lifetime warranty.

If a Corona tool is found to be defective due to the manufacturing process or the materials used, Corona will replace it free of charge once the tool has been returned along with the original proof of purchase.

What's not covered

Corona is dependable and trustworthy and we rely on our customers to be the same. We do not and cannot cover normal wear, lost or stripped parts, altered or modified products, or product damage due to negligence, misuse, or abuse.

CORONA DEFINITION OF ABUSE– Using a tool in a manner for which it was not designed.

Product Substitution

Corona will make an effort to replace any defective tool with one that is similar. If, for any reason, this is not possible, Corona may choose to satisfy your claim by substituting a different product.

Making warranty claims outside of the u.s.

The warranties outlined here apply specifically to products purchased in the United States. If you purchased your product outside of the U.S., your local Corona distributor’s standard product warranty will apply.

Outside the U.S., warranty claims can be made by returning the tool to where you bought it within the relevant time frame, along with its packaging and original proof of purchase. Corona reserves the right to ask Dealers and Distributors to send in product photo and contact information for a warranty claim. In some cases, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number may be required for product returns.

Warranty Request

Please complete this form for warranty requests and provide all the required information. Include an image showing the defective tool.

Thank you for your warranty request submission. We'll get back to you shortly.