Whether you’re prepping for warmer or cooler temperatures, it’s always beneficial to think of ways to maximize your seasonal efficiency. That’s why we’ve put together a list of time-saving must-haves for getting garden tasks done quickly and confidently—no matter the season.


ComfortGEL® Weeder Premium Stainless Steel (CT 3354)

Trying to remove weeds with only a hoe or surface weeder will leave the roots intact, requiring more work as soon as they grow back. The ComfortGEL® Weeder is made from premium stainless steel and easily removes the weed at the root with its forked tip and serrated edge. Once you pull the root, it won’t grow back—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Not to mention, the extra-wide tang helps this weeder stay strong when digging through dense, compacted dirt and difficult weeds. Check out its feature as one of Popular Mechanics' 14 New Lawn and Garden Tools You Need This Spring.

#2 Round Point Shovel (SS 10000)

With its tapered and cupped round blade, this light-duty, hollow-back shovel is ideal for breaking ground, slicing through small roots and turning a variety of garden soils. Its pre-sharpened, 16-gauge tempered steel blade also penetrates the ground easily to get the job done faster. Let the shovel do the hard work for you and finish all of your gardening tasks in no time.

Long Straight Snips, 1-3/4 in. Stainless Steel Blades (AG 4930SS)

Step out into the garden with these handy, lightweight snips that can do it all, from pruning flowers to harvesting fruits and vegetables in tight spaces. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they’ll stay sharp all season long, so you can make quick work of deadheading spent blooms or harvesting herbs for dinner. Plus, the blades and pivot are easy to clean and resist germ and residue build-up, reducing cross-contamination between plants and seedlings.

Aluminum Bypass Pruners, 1 in. Cut Capacity (BP 6250)

A quality pair of bypass pruners is essential for maximizing your time in the garden. Find the perfect fit to stay in the pruning zone. These pruning shears feature a MAXFORGED™ steel blade with a self-cleaning sap groove for clean, efficient cutting of green stems and branches up to one inch in diameter. Their ultra-lightweight aluminum design and shock-absorbing bumper are perfect for reducing fatigue and allowing you to do more work with less effort.

Carbide Sharpening Tool (AC 8300)

Maintaining the cutting edge of your tools is often an overlooked time-saving practice. Keep your pruning and cutting tools sharp with this Carbide Sharpening Tool that will help retain your tools’ all-day performance, whether you’re pruning small limbs or making big cuts. Take just a few seconds to sharpen your garden tools so you can power through the day’s tasks uninterrupted.

DualCUT Bypass Lopper, 2 in. Cut Capacity (SL 7180)

The 32 in. DualCUT Bypass Lopper perfectly combines power and precision for quick and efficient cutting of small and large limbs and branches up to two inches in diameter. Its versatility allows you to trim small stems while also giving you the strength you need to cut green or dry branches with less force.

RazorTOOTH Saw™ Folding Pruning Saw, 7 in. Blade (RS16120)

Quickly and easily remove branches that are three inches or larger in diameter at twice the speed with this 7 inch RazorTOOTH Saw™ Folding Saw. It cuts on the pull stroke using three-sided razor teeth to efficiently remove more material per stroke, requiring less physical effort. The blade's advanced design keeps the cutting channel free of sawdust, which means easy removal of unwanted limbs and most importantly—faster cuts.

5 cu. ft. Steel Wheelbarrow in a Box (WB 1000)

If you have a lot of work to do in the garden, this wheelbarrow can be your best friend. It all comes packed in one box for easy transport and assembly and fits nicely in small SUVs and cars. Pile and transport mulch, haul mounds of soil for raised planters or move heavy plants and pots with little effort. The fulcrum on the front takes on the weight of the load, saving your back and ensuring easy dumping. Plus, the flat-free tire enables smooth movement across different terrains, allowing you to quickly maneuver with more peace of mind.


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