Hydroponics Made Easier with Corona® Tools Snips and Scissors

Whether you’re a serious grower or just looking to dabble in hydroponics farming as a hobby, having the right tools to help you maintain your plants can contribute to greater success. Our specially designed snips and scissors deliver the precision and versatility needed in hydroponic production, season after season.

Make tiny, repetitive cuts with ease with the Hydroponic Finger Micro Snips (FS 4110). Their 1.4-inch fine-tip, precision blades make these compact snips the perfect trimming scissors for hydroponic plants, microgreens, herbs and other delicate plants. The handle is designed with a large, ergonomic finger ring for comfort and a push-button thumb lock for added safety. Plus, a built-in spring opens the blade after each cut, so you can make frequent, high-volume cuts and tend to more plants even faster—without ever setting your tool down. Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the blades resist residue build-up and are easy to clean. Both the blades and the durable ABS plastic handle can be sanitized to reduce cross-contamination between plants and seedlings.

Designed with precise control in mind, the compact Hydroponic Micro Snips (FS 4120) are essential for both professional and hobby gardeners who need to make high-volume, clean cuts. These gardening snips feature 2.3-inch resharpenable blades with double-beveled, tapered tips for fine pruning. The durable, soft-touch handles provide lightweight comfort, while the heavy-duty spring helps reduce hand fatigue and promises long-term performance. Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the blades resist residue build-up and are easy to clean. Both the blade and handles can be sanitized, helping reduce cross-contamination between plants and seedlings. Plus, for a more personalized experience, the pivot bolt is adjustable and the double-sided lock allows for left or right-handed use.

Keep comfort and performance top of mind with the Hydroponic Scissors (FS 4130). Made for maximum strength and longevity, they feature 2-inch double-beveled stainless steel blades with tapered tips to ensure precise, uniform cuts. To further extend the tool’s life, the blades are rust and corrosion-resistant, and the entire tool can be sterilized to limit cross-contamination. The easy-to-see, red “butterfly” handles feature an open-handle design and are durable while remaining lightweight, making them ideal for gardeners with arthritis or limited mobility.

Corona Tools has been building trust through performance for nearly a century. Look for our dedicated line of hydroponic snips and scissors to round out all of your gardening efforts. These essential hydroponic tools are available for purchase on CoronaTools.com or at your local retailers.


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